ChaiseFitness Private Studio

(Formerly Physicalmind Studio)

see also: Flatiron / 92Y

1204 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10028
(between 81st and 82nd)

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the Private Studio is the newest addition to ChaiseFitness and is conveniently located near the 4,5, and 6 trains. Focused primarily on Private Training, ChaiseFitness Private Studio offers personal training in traditional Pilates and personal training in the Reinvention Method side by side. Also offering selective and intimate group classes, this brand new studio features new custom design elements such as LCD screens, and an LED overhead glow lighting system to enhance the mood of each class. The studio also boasts a highly specialized, multi-layered foam-cushioned floor designed to promote injury-free workouts and provide the ultimate in aerobic performance. Come see where it all started and learn the method for yourself.

What we offer

Focused primarily on Private Training, ChaiseFitness Private Studio is your answer. What could be better than a workout that actually reinvents the shape of your body. By mixing and matching traditional Pilates with our Reinvention Method and brand new Allegra II Reformers; you will get long, lean, toned muscles. Create your own personalized fitness regimen with the help of our knowledgeable and attentive instructors. We'll make you feel right at home while pushing you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Working out never felt so good!

Group Classes: The Reinvention Method is specifically designed to target the deepest muscles of your core, the ones that surround and support the spine. With the help of the overhead bungee system you will automatically change your posture as you work on strengthening and toning your upper body.

Private Sessions

  • Brand New Allegra II Reformers
  • (fully adjustable foot bar)
  • Cadillac
  • Tower
  • Mat Pilates

Reinvention Method
  • BalletBungee
  • Bungee Blast
  • Reinvention Chair
  • Cardio Chair
  • Long & Lean
  • TRX

"At ChaiseFitness, there's no lounging around - only hard work meant to make you toned, balanced and lean"

fitnesspulse, NY Post

Reinvention Method

The Reinvention Method combines Pilates, ballet, and aerobics, transcending these by incorporating a custom overhead bungee system. Creating long and lean muscles our method will improve your flexibility, balance, and posture and transform you into your best self.