I have been going to Chaise since 2012.  I loved it the first time I took a class because I felt the difference in my workout.  I was hooked on Chaise right after I got engaged and needed to lose weight for the wedding.  I had just finished up culinary school nights and working non-stop at my full time job during the days so I was not wedding ready.  I signed up for Reinvent8 after Rachel reached out to me and never looked back.  I was hooked on the results and not only did I look and feel great but my chiropractor, that I have been going to for the last 8 years, would comment on how amazing my posture was (and still is).  I lost 12 pounds in 5 months and inches off my body.  On top of that I really loved coming to see all of my new friends I made in classes and the amazing instructors who truly cared about me.