Class Reservations

Signing up for a class is easy! Click the book a class button above and create a profile if you haven’t already. Then you can easily purchase classes, view the schedule and register.

You can cancel a class up until 12 hours before it starts through our website, phone, or email.

Reinvention Method

While it’s not required, we always support the decision to take one. A private session is a great way to get a feel for the equipment and the Reinvention Method in general. Our private intro package gives you 3 private sessions for $240. For more details, don’t hesitate to ask our staff!

This is an awesome workout for men! The Reinvention Method focuses on building core strength and improving flexibility and stability. While men are usually in the minority of our attendees, you most certainly won’t be alone.

BYOS (bring your own sneakers). We’ve got you covered with water and towels.

The fusion of workouts that make up the Reinvention Method will put all of your muscles to work. As a member of the ChaiseFitness community, you will always be challenged to build your strong self. Your flexibility and stability will also improve while you blast some serious calories.

Consistency is key when it comes to achieving excellence. Our classes are designed so that you can do them every day, so we do see a lot of the same faces every day. However, sometimes life gets in the way, so we recommend you join us at least 3-4 times a week to really get a feel of how effective our workouts are.

Long story short, it’s badass! In our classes, you are equipped with a chair and overhead bungees, which redefine your body by increasing extension through your spine, lengthening your muscles, and strengthening your core. Our workout empowers you to build a long lean physique without bulking up.

When these concerns arise, we recommend talking to a medical professional before beginning any fitness routine. That said, the awesome thing about our Reinvention Method is that it’s for everyone, no matter what skill level or body type. If you’re still unsure and want to get a better feel for what your body can handle, we suggest signing up for a private class or two so we can be attentive to your specific needs.

Yes! We ask this for your first Chair class for your own safety on the equipment and to give you all the proper tools before class starts so you can truly experience the best of The Reinvention Method in a safe and effective way.

We offer a great variety of classes and the intro offer is designed so you can sample a few of them in your first few visits. If you have had Pilates experience and are really excited to try a class with the chair and bungees go for our signature class, Chaise Reinvention. If you are not sure and or feel unsure about the equipment try one of our many ChaiseBands classes like ChaiseBands which is strengthening and cardio focused, or BandSculpt for the ultimate toning and sculpting class!  If you are interested in trying one of our other classes first feel free to email or call the studio with your specific questions before signing up!

Yes you have to be 16 years of age or older to attend group classes. If you are under 16 we ask that you book a private session.

On Demand

Every month you get online access to: 8 live online fitness classes with ChaiseFitness, 24/7 access to an on-demand media library of CF classes, access to a full media library of Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification classes, recipes, meal plans, and more, plus your VHPGO (Virtual Health Partners) app also syncs with activity trackers! Start your journey here:

We recommend using a resistance band that is at least 5ft in length and latex free. These will hold their elasticity the best.
1. Resistance Bands: Purchase a set with a light, medium, heavy resistance band that is at least 5ft in length similar to this pack: Click Here
2. Loop Bands: Purchase a pack of loop resistance bands (at least one medium and one heavy) similar to this: Click Here
3. Exercise mat of choice (or towel)
4. A dining room chair or chair with a back that is stable without wheels
5. Workout gloves (optional, but helps grip the band as your hands get sweaty)
6. Fitness sliders (optional, can use towels instead if used on a hardwood floor) similar to this: Click Here