At home workouts fusing pilates,
ballet and strength training.

Building the Chaise Body:

Using resistance bands, light weights, or just your own body’s resistance build long, lean muscles. Signature workouts include BandSculpt, BalletSculpt Express workouts and themed playlists. 

 Content for Everyone: 

Access an ever-expanding library with over 300 on demand workouts, you will find a workout for every mood and every fitness level. 

New workouts posted every week. 

Workouts How You Like It: 

Over 15 filtering options and easy to access favorites allow you to personalize your experience. Find videos by duration, focus, trending and most popular. 


Rachel is always posting new content, they can range in time and target different areas of the body. The workouts are focused on the whole body, alignment awareness, small muscles and posture. In Each class modifications are given, it’s low impact and you are energized every time.”

-On Demand Client

“I don’t know how they do it, but somehow the prompts and corrections always come right when I am starting to crouch or not quite go as low in my pile as I should. I still get the same shaky legs and satisfying muscle soreness that I used to have from in studio classes. Chaise On Demand works around my schedule while also working me out efficiently and effectively.”

-On Demand Client